Everyone is unique, so let us help you 


We love helping our clients in a variety of ways.

We believe in supporting local businesses & non-profits with creativity and honesty.

We are committed to serving each client with a unique solution that fits them. 

Freebies are the best!

And they are just for you!

So who is
Short Dog Advisors....

I'm Blake! Hello! 

Short Dog Advisors is the Small Business &
Non-Profit Consulting Agency was created and run by myself and my amazing team. 

We are fixers, facilitators, and solution-minded individuals who bring business and non-profit experience to help you not only solve your pain points but to create a lasting solution for you and your team. 

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Marketing team meeting


Sitting down to create your marketing is not difficult, right? But what about the 20 other things you need to take care of right now!? This is where we come in. We create a system to streamline your marketing to work for you, not the other way around. 



Needing a catalyst for growth, scalability, and measurable success? We got you covered! We identify and assist in the execution of change within your organization. Changemakers that facilitate your next step.  

In a Meeting
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Non-Profits are near and dear to our hearts. We know what it is like to wear many hats within a small but mighty group. We specialize in operational and programmatic management, fund development, marketing, and non-profit events. 


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