Short Dog Advisors has a unique view of the small business and non-profit fields. We have been in the trenches of both fields and have experienced the highs and lows. Now we want to offer our wisdom and skill sets to you! 

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Marketing Strategy 

Sitting down to create your marketing is not difficult, right? But what about the 20 other things you need to take care of right now!? This is where we come in. We create a system to streamline your marketing to work for you, not the other way around. 

Complete Marketing Strategy & Management
This is the "all-in" marketing strategy and management. Not only do we complete a full marketing audit to develop your ideal audience and create a comprehensive marketing plan. We also, create, manage, and cultivate your social profiles including digital e-blast, website SEO, and Ad campaign management.  

SEO Management
Search Engine Optimization for your digital platform. We will audit your digital profile to set a baseline for growth. We will then cultivate your SEO to help you rank higher to reach more clientele. 

Marketing Strategy Audit
Overwhelmed by marketing strategy or don’t know where to start? We complete a full marketing audit to develop your ideal audience and create a comprehensive marketing plan. This includes templates, social platform recommendations, hashtag recommendations, and so much more. 

SEO Audit
Search Engine Optimization for your digital platform. We will audit your digital profile and give you tips and recommendations on maximizing your digital profiles to work harder for you and see returns.  

Website Creation

We create a website designed with your ideal audience in mind. Easy of use, creative graphics, and SEO optimized to maximize your reach.

Social Media Audit

Want to make sure that you make every post count on each individual social platform? In this audit, We provide you with customized feedback that includes my best tips for maximizing your reach and growing your following.

Website Audit

This audit includes a creative and technical review of your website so that you can strengthen your brand, and improve your customer’s online experience.

Media & Content Creation

We create graphics, videos, and podcasts for your business. This can include templated graphics, scripts for video or voiceover, images of products, collateral, and other content creation unique to you.


Business Development

Needing a catalyst for growth, scalability, and measurable success? We got you covered! We identify and assist in the execution of change within your organization. Changemakers that facilitate your next step. 

Project Management

Need help getting a project off the ground? Too many cooks in the kitchen? Let us help streamline your team to maximize your productivity. 

Client Retention
Do you have trouble with repeat clients? Or not sure how to engage with loyal but sporadic clients? We create a plan that fits within your field and business to cultivate your client's retention. 

Systems of Operation Audit
How do does your business go throughout the day? Would you be able to continue the same great quality of service if an employee left without missing any critical or small details? Or is there is consistent frustrations or lack of communication happening within your team? We will help audit your system of operations and give recommendations on how to streamline your business. 

Community Builder Program
How do you connect and engage with your community? Partnerships, collaboration, sponsorships, and even your competitors all play a part within your community blueprint. Let us help identify, introduce, and strategize opportunities for your business's growth and impact.

Employee Training

What is the culture within your business? When you invest in your employees your business will grow exponentially, however, going through growth can be challenging. Let us know facilitate your team goals. 

IT Automation 

Need help getting organized or getting systems/automation in place for your business? We love implementing new productivity tools for your team and helping with team integration. 


Non-Profit Management

Non-Profits are near and dear to our hearts. We know what it is like to wear many hats within a small but mighty group. We specialize in operational and programmatic management, fund development, marketing, and non-profit events. 


Fundraising is a tough job within the non-profit community. Let's us help strategize your giving programs, asks, and events that help raise your awareness, funds, and support from your community. 

Non-Profit Marketing
You may have a social media profile and creating posts with a shoestring budget. There is a smarter way to schedule, reach, and engage through your social media platforms without being attached to your phone or computer.

Operational/Programmatic Audit
Most non-profits are small but mighty teams of volunteers and staff. Let us help you find and streamline pain points with your day to day management or program experience.

Community Events
Not sure how to set up a 3rd Party Fundraiser, Virtual Fundraiser, or community event? Need something to help oversee the execution of said event? We have produced small business give back events to 1000+ people giving luncheons.